Become a sponsor

Thanks to our sponsors, we can deliver educational series in the form of video lectures and webinars to businesses, students, and general public. This complementary service serves to increase understanding and awareness of the current economy and different business management solutions.

To bring real solutions to small and medium size businesses, sponsors may choose to cover professor expert fees, in the form of stipends for the delivery of business plans, marketing plans, or other projects.     Benefits from sponsoring one or more of our offerings are multiple: enhancing Image in public and  creating positive publicity/heightening visibility Differentiating from competitors: sponsorship of a specific topic, presented by professor expert, for example:

  1. Financing your start-up –webinar, sponsored by you, with the exposure to the interested audience
  2. Business plans developed by professor experts and delivered to 100 nonprofit organizations, sponsored by you
  3. Marketing plans developed and delivered to 50 small business owners, sponsored by you

And much, much more   As a sponsor, you may choose your own sponsoring activity or you may let us suggest and choose it for you. For your convenience, we created a sponsorship application with all the details about sponsorship opportunities. Fill in the application and email it to