Reflections on the 21st Century Person Based on 37 years of Research and Study

Human Development showed signs of an evolutionary leap in the area of consciousness during the latter decades of 2011. The changes became so rapid that generations were given names, such as the ‘x-generation,’ and the ‘millennium-generation.’ Typically evolutionary ‘leaps’ ocur when survival crises emerge. In this case, the devastation of natural resources of the planet combined, with exponential human population increase, has caused a crisis of survival.

The rapid shift in human consciousness in response to this crisis is indicated by changes in human thinking – especially that of the ‘millennium generation,’ the predications and research into global consciousness, the TBL in corporations. Some of the key terms used are: inclusive relationships, cultural competence, flat world, and collaboration. From Educational theory to Corporate Board rooms, planning for, and developing, individuals for this shift is occurring.

The key piece in the success of this evolutionary leap will be giving attention to integrated personal development. People are socialized, educated, trained for careers, but are lacking in foundational self-knowledge and integration. Globalization and Sustainability literature indicate that the changes that must be made will not come from science as much as from successful collaborative relationships. For this to occur, individuals must have the personal foundation and mindset.
….. to be continued….