"Reflections on the 21st Century Person Based on 37 years of Research and Study," Continued

Human culture is going to be transformed by the transformation of human consciousness and development. The two key terms are “Personalization,” and “Synergistic Collaboration.” Personalization is the cultivation of our innate skills, development of consciousness, and integration of self. Personalization as a legitimate, and necessary, part of human culture has never become prominent. In the 21st century this will. Personalization will become as common as ‘socialization.’ Indeed, socialization will be greatly improved by being in tandem with personalization. Human relationships will greatly improve as people become more ‘whole.’ Collaboration will become more synergistic as humans will be more able to participate for a ‘common good.’ Such collaborations will be part of the opening of closed systems in human culture, such as education, economics, political structures, businesses, religion, healthcare, and especially nationalism.

“Autocracies” in which a few control the power can be applied not just to political systems, to these other systems as well. In 2011 there have been strong indications that autocratic political structures will no longer be tolerated. Even though the first attempts at replacement may be flawed, the opening of these political systems is the crux point. In the business world, ‘profit’ has been a form of autocracy, driving a single and unchallenged power. However, several major corporations have opened that single bottom line to the Triple Bottom Line (TBL), in which the environment and social responsibility balance profit. As the era of sustainability forces change, the TBL is a pragmatic business change. Even as a pragmatic move, there is an opening to other dynamics than just profit.