Sales Quiz: Can You Move This Deal Forward?

By Geoffrey James | January 31, 2011

SCENARIO: You’re selling a complex solution to a large organization. It is something that the prospect has never purchased before and will impact multiple groups. You’ve developed a strong contact (a technical expert) who’s willing to help you move the deal forward.

Here are your choices:

* TACTIC #1: Line Up the Ducks. Working with your contact, use the organization chart showing roles and responsibilities to map out how purchasing decisions get made. Then call upon the various “powers that be” who have official authority to purchase, according to the organizational structure and the defined roles in the buying process.
* TACTIC #2: Find Another Champion. Use your technical resource to identify a group of closely networked individuals who informally make decisions, especially ones that might be contrary to company policy. Determine the unofficial leader of the network, then work with him or her to develop the opportunity, bring others on board and then close the deal.
* TACTIC #3: Give a Mass Presentation. Since there are so many people involved, your best bet is to get as many decision-makers as possible into a room. Give a fantastic sales presentation and killer demonstration that hits all the bases and makes it perfectly clear that they need your solution and MUST purchase it as soon as possible. B-net article...