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Consulting Offer - Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction consultation

I am an experienced researcher and former Field Application Scientist for a major Fortune 500 Biotechnology company. I have strong lecturing, laboratory and technical training skills as well as the ability to maintain critical thinking skills that are essential to providing competent analysis of scientific data, particularly as it pertains to gene expression analyses and Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (QPCR).


Teaching, research, mentoring, Business Advising, Writer

Produce and/or plan professional services for:

> Produce professional networking events; business premiers
> Conduct training seminars and consultative lectures in higher education.
> E-learning instructor
> Editorial/ business journal writer
> Doctoral level Research
> Mentoring

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Global Solutions


Management Consultancy to deliver solutions to SME's on:

1) Going International: how to create and implement an international development plan
2) Diversifying: how to create new products and turn your base company around
3) Increase the asset value: how to improve the balance sheet value of your assets with and without transformation of the physical space


Leadership coaching


Hire your own "thinking partner" to help you process and deal with issues and plans for the future. Currently, clients include top talent and evolving leaders in banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, government agencies and public utilities.

Your focus may include:

* Preparing for your next-level leadership position
* Enhancing organizational performance and communications
* Mastering new roles and relationships
* Creating visions and strategic plans
* Finding better solutions for dealing with difficult people and situations


CSR Consulting

Corporate Social Responsibility consulting
Corporate Social Responsibility consulting

Is your company in dire need of becoming "greener"?
We have several options for your business, from email consulting, webinars and lectures to on site inspections. Together, we will create the best Corporate Social Responsibility plan for you! Email for more information: