Consulting by the brightest minds

Professor Expert Academic Forum brings together professor experts with various areas of specialization,  and utilizes these areas of expertise in problem solving for businesses.

Areas of expertise

Whether the project is in the area of organizational development, information technology, product design or strategic planning, professors, members of  Professor Expert Academic Forum supply the expertise. Working closely with businesses to solve their operational problems, professors facilitate this two way learning process, bringing results where they are needed the most.


Agricultural sciences/Natural resources Physical sciences
Biological sciences/Biomedical sciences Professional fields* Business *
Communications Psychology
Computer and Information sciences Public Administration
Education Research
Engineering Social Sciences/Social Media
Health sciences Social Work
Humanities Technology
Law and ethics Other

With management consulting as their focus, professor experts help businesses improve their performance, through analysis of their existing problems and development of plans for improvement. Professor experts have specialized knowledge and ability to help businesses, applying the expertise in the areas of:

Accounting and Finance Banking/Financial Support Services
Business Administration & Management Business/Managerial Economics
Human Resources Development International Business/ E-commerce
Management Information Systems Marketing Management & Research
Organizational Behavior/ Negotiations Project Management
Strategic Planning  

Larger businesses hire professor experts to gain more objective insight into their project and get access to their specialized expertise. Many corporations have full-time consultants working on various domestic and international projects. At times, they face challenges, when entering an unknown field of a new market or a new product. Having a professor consultant for a short term project consulting in these situations will become an extremely important strategy.


Professor Expert consulting provides creative problem solving through:

Direct communication

  • Online conferences and webinars
  • Skype individual and group presentations
  • Telephone consulting

Indirect communication
1. General

  • E-books
  • Video lectures
  • Research papers


  • Project management tailored to customer needs