The Professor Expert Academic Forum  -  Bringing the new glory to professoriate 

 When asked why they chose to become professors, many will say that they love to teach. They draw satisfaction from the moment when a student's mind grasps a difficult concept and starts overflowing with knowledge. 

There is no doubt, teaching is the key. However, there are many other elements included within the fundamental role of professors: expectations in mentoring, professional activities, policy development in their academic discipline, expectations to excel in research. Too many to count.

The Professor Expert Academic Forum was designed with a goal of offering various tools that to help professors to nurture their expertise and bring a new glory to professoriate. 

Consulting: Consulting by the brightest minds

The primary focus of the Professor Expert Academic Forum is utilization of expertise in solving operational problems for businesses. Superior application of theory is what is needed to propel the economy forward, first by breaking challenges down to the core, and through application of sound principles from university-level consulting by professor experts. 

The consulting portal allows each professor to create a profile, sharing their areas of expertise, interests, Curriculum vitae, and affiliated groups. Within the portal, professors can search for consulting opportunities, and offer descriptions of whether they will accept students in the consulting team. 

We encourage the highest level of confidentiality between professors and business representatives, including project fee negotiation that is exclusively between the consulting professor and the business.

The Professor Expert Academic Forum links professors and businesses, giving them full freedom and responsibility in creating clear pathways to project completion. 

Teaching: Teaching through consulting 

Professors are encouraged to use their consulting projects as a teaching tool, by engaging students in real-world, real-time experience. Whether working individually or in teams, students benefit from a professor's consulting work by gaining confidence, building their resumes, and becoming more attractive to industry recruiters upon graduation. Through this practice, the gap between education and experience is disappearing.

Researching: Innovation and advanced research – a duty of care in professors' area of expertise 

As challenging as it all can be, designing good research, finding time to do quality research and securing funding are all “musts” for many professors. The Professor Expert Academic Forum partners with professors from various academic institutions around the world to share resources and exchange ideas in the area of research. By creating industry networks and encouraging sharing of resources, we are solving problems and creating successful research experience for professors and their academic institutions. 

Mentoring: A two-way road to mutual success 

Most of the time senior faculty mentor junior faculty. But when it comes to learning about advances in computing, social networking or using the newest technology junior faculty may have much to offer in teaching the “old guard.”. Our portal will make it easier for both groups to find mentors and mentees, with whom they can develop long-lasting relationships for networking and professional development. 

Networking: Wise people network all the time

Initiating and keeping contacts within the industry or area of expertise is a must for everyone who takes their career prospects seriously. Getting to know people and letting them know you is a step forward. For some professors, networking is as easy as talking, but not for everyone. With that in mind, we created an opportunity for professors to form interest groups, another avenue to reach colleagues, customers and businesses in need of their expertise.