Professor Expert

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

  • University level consulting

  • Problem solving for businesses

  • Innovative teaching tool for professors

  • Real world, real time learning for students

  • Increased student satisfaction and better ranking for schools

Mission: has a complex mission consisting of three important key points, each equally important:

Product Mission -  Provide customers with the best online consulting service in the most efficient time.

Economic Mission - Grow a long term, profitable online presence.

Social responsibility Mission - Facilitate our customers’ community involvement.

Superior consulting starts with knowledge.

Our philosophy is that the most functional expertise comes from understanding the core principles of the specialty. University professors are experts in their respective areas, capable of not only understanding and implementing, but also of teaching these principles. We invited the best, most capable professors with the most diverse backgrounds to join forces in reaching out to the community, and providing consultations. Our location is virtual, reaching from the world’s most reputable universities to the world’s most remote areas. With the advancements of modern technology, online consulting is a simple, yet powerful solution for everyone.

Product and service consulting

The backbone of Professor Expert services, tailored to meet the needs of different businesses, from mom-and-pop stores to large international corporations.

Business management consulting

Strategic thinking comes naturally to university professors. They know the importance of taking a look at the big picture and of developing unique business solutions for each organization. Simple solutions are the ones that bring the best results. Consulting from Professor Expert can create a road map in rolling out new business strategies.

Information management consulting

Effective data management can transform a business, saving money and time by simplifying processes and increasing opportunities to generate profit. Professor Expert helps businesses implement superior data analysis and management through consulting with university professors regardless of what the industry is, where the business operates, or which language is used.

Customer and Human Resource management consulting

Keeping employees productive and customers satisfied is critical for any business. Our extensive consulting process starts with an evaluation and analysis, and through careful planning, results in goal development. Each situation is unique, and each organization has different needs.