How does it work?

ProfessorExpert is a professional website which connects professor experts and businesses around the world, for the purpose of solving their operational problems. Professors and businesses have instant access to one another through the This website offers university level consulting and serves only as a meeting place. Complementary access allows members to access limited information and search for the purpose of networking and researching, but only paid membership entitles businesses to search for professor experts and to post projects.

Business owners and representatives can search for professors with a specific expertise, or may elect to post description of their projects for experts to find. Once parties agree to work together, all the details of service agreement, (for example cost, quality and timeline), will be entirely up to the two parties to negotiate. Professors may choose to engage their students in the consulting process for the purpose of gaining real life experience.

Examples of projects would be:

  • A small business owner needs a marketing plan.
  • A medium size business needs a strategic plan for product export.
  • A large corporation Project Manager needs help with project analysis.