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2Win-Win is Professor Expert’s Blog about the topics in which our visitors are the most interested: Consulting in various areas of expertise, Business Development, Teaching, Researching and Mentoring. To achieve our goal of providing the most relevant and updated information in these areas, we invite Member Bloggers, experts in their respective areas, to become blog contributors.

We commit to high quality information, network building and community partnership. For that reason, our Member Bloggers have been handpicked for their areas of expertise, creativity and passion for their subject. Sharing knowledge, networking and learning is the best gift we can offer to our visitors. Let’s create a win-win situation for everyone!


  • We welcome unique advice and insight that is informational in nature, and matches the interests of our audience.
  • Member Bloggers are expected to write original content relevant to Professor Expert's mission.
  • Member Bloggers agree to reply to any blog comments posted by members of the Professor Expert community.
  • Member Bloggers must alert the reader when linking away from the Professor Expert web site. This may be done in many different ways, such as by placing an asterisk after the link and including a notation at the bottom of the post.

Optional Blog Categories

  • members have individual blogs with a wide variety of topics. We suggest you choose one of the following categories, to help search engines:

• Business Planning • Business software • Consulting best practices • Corporate social responsibility • E-Commerce & Internet • Finance & Accounting • Green business • Human Resources • Home based business • Management & Leadership • Marketing & Advertising • Miscellaneous • Operations • Retail sales • Starting a business • Strategic management • Technology • Women in business