Constancy of Purpose is the first principle of success.

                           - Deming

A relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee is a special type of bond which benefits  both as well as school, by building a higher level performance. The overall teaching quality and student retention rises. Mentor and Mentee may choose to engage in communication through:

  • emails
  • conference
  • calls
  • face to face or
  • collaboration on projects and research.

Connecting with professors from the same industry through interest groups keeps professional knowledge fresh and benchmarking process interesting. Professors can create their own interest groups and invite their colleagues to join them.


For a Mentor:

  • Learning something new, to setup a Twitter account, use an iPhone or create a webinar
  • Leaving your legacy through helping your younger colleague
  • Refreshing your own creativity.

For a Mentee:

  • Learning something new, ex. planning a class, counseling and evaluating students
  • Exploring how to adapt to a new role
  • Connecting to Mentor's network

For a profession: Creating leaders in schools with a strong knowledge base and international reputation. 

Professor Expert built an international portal to facilitate formation of global networks between professors, having your professional success in mind. Mentor and Mentee have a variety of teaching techniques available such as lecturing, discussion methods or experiential methods, just to name a few.

Whether you are an experienced faculty looking to expand your horizons or you are a new PhD, facing your first classroom experience, you will benefit from this two way exchange.

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