STEP 1 Register with us to get your professional presence on the list of the world's best experts

STEP 2  Create your profile  with as many details as possible to make it more accessible to search engines.


STEP 3 Network with other professors, search for projects, post your own RFPs, become our network partner

STEP 4  Create your own expert store, where you can market your expertise, consulting and teaching packages, books, eBooks, DVDs and other products

What can you do as a registered member?

  • Create your profile
  • Market your expertise
  • Promote yourself as a Virtual Visiting Professor
  • Network, create groups
  • Post your research paper
  • Mentor your colleagues
  • Find an expert speaker opportunity and much moreā€¦


You, the Professor Expert will be solely responsible for communication with business owners, contracting and delivery of the project under mutually agreed terms.

In addition, engage your students in consulting process, let them learn through the hands-on experience.

Gain prestige in academic community when your students graduate prepared to do real world jobs!