Many large corporations perform extensive research through  research and development departments, using the most advanced technology. This applied research is different than academic research in many ways, including the purpose and outcome. Applied research deals with practical problems, while academic  research serves to advance scientific knowledge.

However, there are times when they come together with the goal of creating new opportunities for small and medium size businesses.

Professor Expert portal facilitates the process of linking and communication between researchers and those in need of solutions. We understand that often large corporations face challenges in their research processes and need more creative solutions.

University professors are dedicated researchers, specializing in areas such as:

·         Business research

·         Market research

·         Industry research

·         Product research

·         Social research

·         Clinical research   

Tenure track professors spend an excessive amount of their time applying for grants to be able to carry out their research. Professor Expert portal facilitates the interaction between professors researchers and the organizations interested in sponsoring their research.

Requests for proposal ( RFP)  maybe posted through Professor Expert portal by charitable foundations, corporations and government agencies. Advanced search for professors with specific area of expertise to mach the requirements in RFP is also possible and requesters may choose to contact professors directly. Professors have topics of their research papers listed in their profiles and resumes.

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