Teaching through doing, learning through experience

Effective teaching requires professors to have adequate teaching tools. Modern instructional practices focus on learners' needs, building a well rounded individual who possesses both theoretical and applied knowledge at the time of graduation.

Professor Expert hopes professors will find it beneficial to engage their students in the consulting process for the purpose of learning and gaining real world experience. To be job market ready, with a list of projects built into their resumes will give be advantageous to new graduates and ensure better starting salaries. Increased student satisfaction will reflect in the school’s higher ranking.

Experiential learning as an educational method engages students on a deeper level, developing further their self-initiative and creativity.  Both academic and experiential learning are important in the process of providing new information to students.  While the first focuses on an abstract, fact-memorizing technique, the second engages students in concrete experience.

Professors who use an experiential learning techniques find out that they reap numerous benefits: a renewed passion for teaching and engaged students, immersed in learning from participation in a project.

Our goal is to move a step further from the current well established form of experiential learning, from the classroom and out into real life and real projects.

When case studies come to life, solving real problems for businesses around the world, students gain a valuable applied knowledge, but more so, they gain a sense of making a difference in the world. And for professors, to see that growth in students is the ultimate goal of teaching.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand. - Confucius