Q:  What is the Professor
Expert Bank?

The Professor Expert Bank is a trade
bank specifically designed for an exchange of skills. Bank Members can use
skills or services (as well as goods if they choose), in order to move
inventory and provide needed resources for their businesses. By trading 
inventory in such a manner, Members have the benefit of acquiring needed goods
and services for a fraction of the normal cash cost. They will also gain the
added benefit of networking and brand recognition at low to no cost. 

 Q: How much does it cost?

The trade takes place
with a virtual currency called Professor Expert trade coins. Membership and ad
posting is free. The only fee is a per exchange flat fee of $10, split between
the two Members involved in the exchange.  For more details, go
to Bank Terms and Conditions 

 Q:  Who can become a member?

The following are eligible for
membership : 

  •  University professors (in the
    past is acceptable)
  •  University management
  •  Business owners or other
    decision makers
  •  Nonprofit 501(c)3 officers

 Q: How does one become a member?

Potential Bank Members must first
and indicate via the appropriate
check box that they wish to become a Bank Member. An email will instantly be
sent giving general  access to the  Professor Expert site, at
which time a User Profile can be completed allowing the posting of products and
services in the Marketplace. Access to the Professor Expert Bank requires a
review of the User Profile, and a separate email with information specific to
the Bank will be sent within 24 hours.

 Q:   What can be

Services and goods from the following
categories list: 


Accommodation and Travel 

Animals and Agriculture


Art and Antiques


Automotive and Transportation




Clothing and Cosmetics






Food and Beverage


Furniture and Fittings


Health and Medical


Home and Garden


Industrial and Manufacturing


Internet and Social Networking


IT and Technology




Legal Services


Marine and Aviation


Marketing and Communication




Natural resources


Personal Care and Services


Printing and Stationery


Real Estate and Construction


Repairs and Maintenance


Retail and Shopping


Safety and Security




Sports and Recreation

Q:  Is the exchange
completely non monetary?

Exchanges can fit in one of two

1. non – monetary:  a straight
exchange of goods and or services.

2.  half monetary - half
exchange ( 50-50 )
: up to 50% of the value of an exchange is in federal

 If Members choose
to post and perform a mixed transaction exchange (a 50-50 exchange), all
details of the exchange are the responsibility of the members involved and will
not be tracked by the Professor Expert web site. Any record keeping whether for
personal or tax reporting purposes, are the responsibilities of the exchange
participants. A Professor Expert Bank Account is not insured by the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation and members are responsible for due diligence
before any transactions are initiated. 

Q:  What happens if I am not happy
with an exchange? 

The process of exchange requires a
signature from, and the acceptance of, both parties. The Professor Expert Bank
facilitates communication between bank members and will do its best to resolve
any issue that may arise, but The Bank is not obligated to mediate. Professor
Expert encourages all to do their own due diligence before getting into any
exchange. For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions

Q: How many ads can I create? 

There is no upper limit on the number
of adds a member can post, but they must have at least one. For example, if the
member has a printing business, the following ads might be created:

1. Offer to exchange 1000 printed
business cards with the design of choice

2. Offer to exchange 500 printed

3. Offer to exchange 500
advertising flyers

Bank Members are obligated to keep the
ads current and remove them if they are no longer active.  

Q: Who pays the expenses for example
sales tax, VAT, mailing expenses, etc?

Any expenses incurred by an exchange
are the responsibility of the Bank Members involved in the exchange. Members
should negotiate how expenses are paid to their mutual satisfaction. We suggest
that all final agreements are in writing and signed by both parties, before an
exchange occurs.

Q: How do I describe what I offer or
what I need? 

Any request may be posted in the offers
and wants section, based on the professional needs. We ask that as many details
as possible be included to be clear on what exactly is desired or being
offered. The Professor Expert staff will always have several adds posted 
as examples.

Q:  Is there a privacy policy?

Any personal
information obtained is entirely for internal record keeping and confirming
eligibility. The Professor Expert Bank will not share any information with
third parties. Bank Member determine for themselves how much information will
be shared with other members.

Q: I represent a major national brand,
may I sign up as "Anonymous"?

Professor Expert understands that even
top performers may have an excess inventory that they want to move, without
giving an impression they are undervaluing the brand. Our staff will act as a
designated agent and enter into transactions with other Members on your behalf.
You will trade your inventory per our guidelines and your identity will be
protected. Contact us directly to discuss further through our contact form.