• Executive Producer at LeaderArena.com
  • Chairman at Riverstone Media Group, Inc.
  • Managing Partner at Redtail Creek Home Services

I am focused on entrepreneurship and leadership development. I enjoy looking at new ideas and solving problems with creativity and teamwork. My passion is developing people. Of particular interest to me is the care and feeding of leaders, because they, in turn, serve and support so many.

I am committed to truth and integrity and believe they must be the foundation of any workplace or lifestyle community. Conversely, when they are lacking, those communities suffer deficit, imbalance, and even tyranny.

My work is inseparable from my life because it is truly my calling, my vocation.

I believe community is based upon commitment, not compliance. You can have members who are merely compliant, but they do not thrive, and the whole community suffers as a result.

Are you like-minded? Are you interested in business and service projects? Drop me a line and invite me to connect with you; I'm open to linking as widely as possible.

I speak, read and write French, Italian and English fluently, though English is my strongest language.

My email: dom [at] domdebellis.com


Leadership, marketing, communication, team building, strategic planning, branding and identity, project management, community relations, technology/business integration, recruiting and development, editorial development, manuscript consultation, copywriting, service projects

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