Case study Bio nacin brand

This case study was written for International Case Study Competition BIG 2007.
Students’ assignments:
As the marketing consulting team working with marketing Director on this review, you have been given five tasks:

1. Analyze current market situation and confirm the role of marketing trends for current and future customers for BRAND BIO NAČIN
2. Analyze BRAND BIO NAČIN’s competition.
3. Do segmentation, targeted market choice, and positioning for BRAND BIO NAČIN in the Serbian market.
4. Give suggestions for BIO NAČIN’s brand extension by introducing product variation for some new brand. Remark: brand extension is using the brands’ name for some new brand in the wider market range
5. Suggest BIO NAČIN’s marketing plan in the next two years. (It is important to suggest the communication strategy related to retail sale – push strategy, as well as communication strategy related to end consumers – pull strategy). It is necessary to give a selling projection of brand BIO NAČIN.

Price: $30.00